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New Hot: Things by voyze versatile

Voyze versatile makes his debut to the music industry with this loveable jam titled “Things” the track is produced by tundaxkey

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NEW HOT! FAKE-PHONY by Mightyboy x Kaydee 

Finally the most anticipated trap jam by mightyboy featuring kaydee music monster and also produced by kaydee music monster drops for everyone to listen and enjoy the trap rythem 
This has now been counted  as the 3rd songs the artist has dropped under MBNR MUSIC and he’s working on his first studio album to release this but no date yet.. 

Mightyboy has been doing greatly well in his misical career and we all are looking up to see him as the next biggest trap artist in nigeria ..

Now listen to the jam and tell us how u feel about the jam thanks 

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NEW HOT!: WHO AM I by Shuga (gospel hip hop)

​A supersonic music extraordinaire ‘SHUGA’ dropping her debut “Who Am I” on the religious scene.
A gentle mix of everything, even raw talent and can as well pass for a foreign artist with a foreign sound, ‘SHUGA’ is what one can call the futuristic voice of the Nigerian Gospel industry with a voice memorable enough for a lip sync, she releases this amazing God honored love on her life…something we can boldly relate to and be happy for.

Produced by Kayz Beatz, this song is a fine blend of gratitude with musical attitude. If you bobbed to Tim Godfrey, you would sure loose it to David’s step on this one. Let’s make welcome on the Gospel scene ‘SHUGA’ with “Who am I”
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NEW HOT! Mightyboy Gains International collaborations  By two American Trap Artist 

What a Great news and honor to the NEI, the nigerian upcoming trap artist held from imo state based in abuja has gained international features from two hot american trap artists kid trap & vvsearly 
These has been a great news and  kudos to the nigerian entertainment industry for having such a wonderful artist coming up

The artist spoke about how he got these collabos and also told fans to help him thank his producer @kdbmtboy  for a wonderful performance during the collaborations (pls my beloved fans and fams I’d like you’ll to help me thank my able producer @kdbmtboy for a wonderful job weldone during this collaboration honestly he made me and the nigerian entertainment industry proud and for this i call him the best)

watch the video of one of those American artist vibing the song he did with mightyboy 
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BLACKFRIDAY by Mightyboy lyrics

Song title

Blackfriday by mightyboy aka beast of the easet IG@mightyboyofficial 


Mightyboy !!

Pupupu pum!

Beast of the east

“Emmadebeatz”-(beat producer IG@beatzbyshuga)


I got crazy niggers crazy niggers crazy niggers
All we do is balling out nigger spending money
When you see a shoddy coming to me never worry 
She been coming for her good swear she want some money. (Repeat)

Bridge .

She love me popping champagne, she look like hustler 
I tell her use up your brain 
She told me none remaining
I go long looking at your baby hole
Everybody wanna go in she got open doors

Go long so long
Everybody looking like crayon
We artist and draw her
Now her panties got many colours
Like a rambo yet she told us
She gon play us like mercelo
But we scored her like ronaldo
Now we legend like maradona


Young nigger burst that i swear crack that
All homie si na mdika sarkodie cause i got bears and the shit is black
And i’m dropping hits like back to back
They lost it i brought em swag back
Paper boy i swear the boy is back

Me and homies speaking revelation
Keep on hustling thats a motivation
Getting money like i’m from malaysia
Amma talk about it thats why i’m crazy no fear
Spend money like i’m hushpuppi.
You look dirty so amma train pig
I’m on a pay me then diss me
So i’ll wake up on a gucci things
And bow down with lil cush
Though no stain no pink lips

I’m like oh oh oh shes bad
So amma press her like keyborad
Yeh money talks no six packs
So trying to show you on this new track
New track
We going crazy on this new track
High high (high)

All of em lit all of em dope
All of em you never knew we balling in group
So you niggers better know i’m better than the beast
Amma let you know that i’m coming from the east
Looking so strong not easy to delete
All we do is murder and keep getting chees
Keep getting chees and keep getting chees
All we do is murder beat and keep getting chees

New guy new feathers
I fly high more better
They talk bad but am stronger
My price high like pogba
I strike loud like thunder
Now they’re seeking for my founder (strike hard like thunder now they’re seeking for my founder)
All of em lit all of em dope
All of em you never knew we balling in group
So you nigger better know l’m better than the beast
Amma let you know that i’m coming from the east
Looking so strong not easy to delete
All we do is murder beat and keep getting chees.

Rapping and drinking and smoking i’m getting the money and i’m shining like newest devise
They love my swag and they love my vibe
(I am no virgin but i’m looking so tight) looking so tight i am no virgin i’m looking so tight
Call me the one i got no type
I am the one no proto type
They tryna fish us but we crocodile
Only to charge phone we go dubai
If you no be iphone we no dey buy
The future is lit the future is bright
King of the game king of the trap
After rapping make them go dey recipe
Yes i’m the god and i got em deciples
Somebody tell em no near my circle
Goat no dey trouble lion for jungle (goat no dey trouble lion for jungle)
Amma fuck em up like say i be rambo

“music monstar”-(mixed by Kaydee music monstar IG@kdbmtboy)


Chorus…. Continues till end.

Song officially out 

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