Togetherness: DJ Richy Itchy & Duncan Mighty Led A Peace Walk In PH City 

PHEF together with Dj Richy Itchy and nigerian popular artist Duncan mighty stepped out yesterday 25/2/2017 for a peace walk in order to bring all the artists, Djs and other entertainers in PH together and ensure they’re in peace to enable them do better in the entertainmet industry 

Accuding to Dj Richy itchy who personal led the walk said that their aim is to make sure that all the artist and djs and other entertainers in porthalcult are in peace and could be able to do things together
He also thank Duncan mighty for joining them in the walk

He sid they walked  round the city of PH starting from Sbs to Rumola to water lines and passed through Gra and came out Eligbam by skippers and moved to sbs, and he thank God for a successful walk.


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