How I made N1,238,000 from MMM – Participant reveals

A participant of the MMM scheme complained on the Facebook support page about the fact that he had not being paid by the scheme and one of the participant, quickly replied with a list of success storie
MMM office logo

The Facebook user laid this complaint:

“Why is MMM refused to pay those people that PH since 2016. Until I get my money, I will never take MMM serious. we are unable to GH why?”

This was one of the success stories, that was given of how a MMM participant made N1,238,000 from the scheme.
Below is his story:

“My name is Kingsley Oboro and I am an MMM participant. I live in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria. My message to everyone is that MMM is an effective system that works effectively through her peer to peer donation system.

“On the 1st of November 2016, I Provided Help of 1,000, 000 NGN and on the 1st of December, I received assistance of 1,238,000 NGN. Please note that I am an MMM Participant and have no special affiliations. MMM Pays. Long Live MMM! (inlove)”

Meanwhile in 2017, due to the recent crash of MMM which left many Nigerians stranded, theparticipants have now jumped into the local versions which sprang up to fill the gap the failed MMM venture created.


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