Ichie Mezuo Pericomo Okoye, Arusi Makaja 1, aka Pericoma, allegedly dies (UPDATED)

Pericoma Okoye, a great traditionalist, medicine man, whose jazz is said to be topnotch, is dead.

The man who is referred to as an icon and a big masquerade in Igboland with the title ‘Arusi Makaja 1 of Igboland’ passed on recently and his burial will take place today, February 16, according to Facebook user Onyelike Achiever Darlington.

Pericoma became famous for stopping illegal tax collectors aka agbero boys at Upper-Iweka Onitsha. He was said to have been on his way to Onitsha when he was waylaid by the touts who demanded for his tax receipts. He ignored them and they lifted him on their shoulders to their office. He however jazzed them and refused to come down from their shoulders for hours until they pleaded and made sacrifices to his deity. This act curtailed the excesses of the tax collectors in the area, with them going back to their shells.


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