Participants Celebrates As MMM removes ‘daily limit exceeded’, upgrades GH limits

The long awaited new model for the popular Ponzi scheme MMM Nigeria may be coming out anytime soon.
A message posted on the group’s Facebook message disclosed that programmers are almost done and are currently deploying and testing the new model.

Also, GH (get help) limits is said to have been upgraded and dispatching process will be resuming soon.

The message read: “Deployment and testing of the new model is ongoing. “Daily Limit Exceeded” temporarily removed. This is not the time to rush to GH.
Whatever changes you notice in your PO, just stay calm because programmers are currently deploying & testing the new model.

“But your Mavro / withdrawal page might appear empty… And yet, you’ll be able to check the available for withdrawal. That shows there’s a background operation going on.

“Getting closer to it. Expect the good news to land suddenly any moment from now. So I want to advise you to stop troubling the GH button for now. Just relax and watch as events unfold…”

This is coming few days after a top MMM Nigeria guider Vivian Azubuike publicly denounced her loyalty to the money doubling scheme in Whatsapp group. She expressed her desire to quit saying she has asked for her account to be deleted as she cannot assure anyone about something which she has no control over.


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