Neymar and His Beloved Sister Have Matching Tattoos and it’s All a Little Bit Weird

The ratio of footballers without tattoos to footballers with them seems to be growing increasingly in favour of the latter.

One superstar who has dabbled in the medium of body art is Barcelona’s Brazilian superstar Neymar.

Fans will have noticed the former Santos man has become somewhat of a human canvas since his time as a Barca player, with both arms, his neck and the left-side of his chest now occupied by ink.

What some fans might not be aware of, however, is the absolutely unconditional love he has for his little sister, 20-year-old Raffaela Beckran.

The pair have frequently appeared on each other’s Instagram pages and are evidently super-close – so close in fact that the pair have tattoos of EACH OTHER. Siblings. Tattoos. EACH OTHER.


His tattoo of her occupies his left bicep and is a full-on portrait of Raffaela, and her tattoo is a slightly-creepy cut of Neymar’s eyes, which is placed dangerously close to her armpit.

Neymar once posted a sweet photo of the two after he faced a backlash over his performance in a Champions League game in 2014. They also starred alongside each other for a TV advert for Beats by Dre.

In fairness the artwork itself is highly impressive, full of detail and probably cost a fair amount, but at the end of the day, can the weird fact that they are siblings and not a couple be overlooked?​ It’s definitely a bit odd.

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