New Music; CONQUER by Dazzle Blaze ft T. V.ish

I’m David worukwo, known by my stage name as (DAZZLE BLAZE) a hip-hop african artist. Born and raised in Nigerian, cames from a family of four-3boys 1girl and was the last of them all. Father is a business man and mother is also a business woman. I started my musical carrier after my secondary level of education then I had my first record on the (30th of june 2016 by 6:30am) titled (LADY) the song was dedicated to my sister and through her I got that inspirational song. music was kind of hard for me because my perants were never in support of me been an artist but that never stopped me I tried on my own hopefully i got help through a friend who is also a singer and a producer he made it easier for me and through him I made my second and third hit single on the (8th of September 2016 by 8:30pm) titled (CONQUER & CELEBRATING) which was produced by him. I choose to be a musican because right from my younger age as a child i love singing and dancing my passion for music something my perants can’t lay there hand on because its something I told them that its a do or die afire and seens I started it I have never regretted been an artist.

DOWNLOAD MP3 Star9jablog


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