Kanye West Threatens to Kill Kris Jenner if She Keeps Trying to ‘Destroy’ His Marriage to Kim

Kanye West has had enough with Kris Jenner. Rumor has it, the “Famous” hitmaker is threatening to kill his mother-in-law if she doesn’t stop her “evil plot to convince” Kim Kardashian to divorce him.

“He’s told her if she keeps trying to destroy his marriage, he will spend the rest of his days trying to destroy her,” a source reveals, “Kanye’s privy to all the family’s dirt and he’s hotheaded enough to ignore any confidentiality agreements.”

“He knows Kim’s having second thoughts about him and their marriage and he fully blames Kris for it,” the source tells Radar Online.

While Kanye was being treated at UCLA Medical Center in late November, Kris allegedly told Kim to divorce her husband. “Kim and Kanye had problems long before he was hospitalized,” a source previously told Star, “Kris has watched him become moodier and more erratic. Kris told Kim she should divorce Kanye for her sake as well as the kids.”

But Kim had no intention to leave Kanye. “She thinks Kris is being heartless and a hypocrite,” the source added, “Her mom loved Kanye when he was paying for the parties, private planes and pricey presents, but now that he’s having mental problems, she wants to abandon him?”

Kim KardashianKanye West

Kris Jenner

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